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Why do I attract people from Amway?

It seems that wherever I go a Desi person who wants to befriend me stops me. So at first I was like… Cool … maybe they will offer me a better job or something. So I give them my home number and all hell breaks loose. They start calling me almost every other day telling me about this great business opportunity they are in and that they will be retiring very soon. But how many of them really retire ‘very soon’ and if they are going to retire why do they want me to be in the business?

Face it if I was in a business and making good money why would I invite a perfect stranger to work with me? Someone I don’t know, don’t know their background or education or sales experience, but I want then to join my business. Why?

suckers wantedI’ll tell you why because Amway is Scamway. And all the other Amway’s that changed their name because they are too ashamed to admit they are part of Amway are Scamway. Hey if you like Amway, if you like making your friends and relatives sell soap and going to weekly meetings then power to you. But for me … get away.

I run into them everywhere, in the mall when I am with my wife, on Oaktree Road when I am with for my wife, at the restaurant when I am eating with my wife (do you see a pattern here?). But seriously it even happens when I am not with my wife.

There has got to be a better way to make an extra income then building a pyramid underneath you. Was Donald Trump in Amway? … Was Bill Gates in Amway?…. Okay.. more realistic is the Sardar jee who owns 3 gas stations in Amway? Or the Gujrati who owns the convience store in Amway? See you can make money without Amway.

So stop harassing people, promising them false dreams. Hey people stop falling for these dreams of making a quick buck and stop loosing your friends and relatives. Don’t become that person, that when your friends or family members see you they say "Oh no run it’s the Amway robot".

Make an honest living, do research.. Most of you are educated and have morals. You do don’t you?

I once said that to an Amway Desi who called me at 11pm. He asked me if I was interesting in joining his growing business (growing bigger then Microsoft). I said no. He said why. I said because it is not an honest way to make money. Jesus… was that the wrong think to say. "What do you mean it is not honest…Blah Blah Blah…" He started with his defense and continued by saying " If my boss makes a million dollars, shouldn’t I have a piece of it since I am working so hard?"  (Ya.. its called a salary or try investing in the company you work for moron).  And someone educate the gullible people in India who have fallen to the Amway bug and think they will be rich yesterday... a Diamond.

At least Amway, and the other Amway clones…. Stay away from me. I’ll make my fortune the old fashion way… I’ll invest and I’ll earn it.

Story by Satinder