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Now that we have solved the problem with stray dogs, the roads are much safer. Aren’t they?

cows But we also can make safer roads by protecting the cows. Yes that’s right the sacred cows of India. No I don’t plan to kill them or poison them. Though I do believe that the streets would be safer if they were removed from the streets.

I have seen cows roaming the streets in Amritsar, Ludhiana, Delhi and Mumbia. I have seen them halt traffic, cause accidents, urinate and crap on the roads. I thought to myself what can be done to protect them and the people. As the population and traffic in cities grow is their room for large farm animals?

Is the Indian government doing anything to control this? What the state governments should do is round up all the ‘stray’ cows and create some sort of government farm where these animals can roam in safety and eat properly. Why should these animals have to eat garbage in the streets, they should be given a proper diet.

cowsWhat happens when the farm gets full to capacity or how is the government supposed to fund such a project you may ask. This project can be funded with a collection of ways. First the government could set some money aside for this project (don’t think it would be very expensive). Since the cow is a sacred animal to the Hindu religion, religious groups should donate food to the cows. There also could be an exchange project for citizens, give food to the cows in exchange receive cow dong to use as fuel. These would be the three strongest ways of funding the project. After a certain period of time or when the farm looks to become full, the government should have an auction. By auctioning off the healthy cows they can be given a home where they will be fed properly, milked, worked and there would be no fear of them starving or coming back into the city streets.

cow in IndiaSome of you may argue that these cows are not harming anyone and that they were meant to roam free in the land. I agree, they are not directly harming anyone. I have not seen them attack anyone in my time, though they might have. Have you ever seen the horns on some of them? They might have been meant to roam free at one time in the world but now as cities grow in size, population and traffic it is actually dangerous for them to roam in the streets. They are in danger of being hit by a car, truck or bus. They can cause an accident by someone trying to avoid hitting them and hitting another vehicle or pedestrian instead.  Plus isn't methane bad for the environment?

It is the best for all of us. The city life in India is great. Now that we have gotten rid of the stray dogs and placed the cows in a safe place we just need the people to mobilize and keep the cities clean.

Story by Satinder