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When I found out that there was a Museum of Toilets in India, I first thought it was a crazy and funny idea. Our team even voted to make it ‘Link of the week’. But then I started to think and understand that it is a necessity in India. As a matter of fact every citizen in India should visit it or be educated on using toilets.

Why… because sanitation in India has a long way to go.

I remember during my youth going to India on vacation and visiting my relatives on their farms. We would go out to the fields, pick a spot, sit and do number two. I would sit there and be able to see other people’s crap a couple of yards away and God would it make me sick. This was the villages and the farmland so it may be common but people do the same in the big and small cities all across India.

In the cities in India, on any given day, you can see men lined up on a wall shooting the breeze. A lot of cities came up with a solution to this. No they did not improve or build more public restrooms, they posted posters of Swamis and religious men on the walls. Who would piss on them? And I believed it worked for a while till the posters where torn down.

India must improve its sanitation all across India not just in the developing cities. The people of India should learn good hygiene no matter what caste, income level, religion, etc.

A man from England once said, " Every one in India is a doctor and every place is a shit hole".  I agree. Everyone in India will give you there own remedy to an ailment no matter what there education or age is and everywhere you go in India someone has taken or is taking a dump. There is always evidence left behind.

Until and unless all the citizens of India use private or public toilets this will remain a problem. Until and unless the government does not provide proper sanitation then this will remain a problem. Till this is the case the government should issue each citizen who uses nature as his or her toilet a shovel. Yes a shovel. Once they pick a spot they should dig a hole, then sit and do their business and then fill the hole. Wa-la. Now that’s sanitation… for now... hopefully.

Story by Satinder