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City life in India is amazing.

I love the city life in India, from big cities to small cities. The people, the shops, the festivals and the list goes on. On any particular street you are bound to run into something new and eye opening from the street vendors, the restaurants and the various shops. City life in India is great except for a few things that can jeopardize your safety.

One problem that I see in India whenever I visit is the number of stray dogs that roam the streets.

What good do these dogs bring to the cities and people? I can not think of one. They carry all sorts of diseases, ticks and fleas, they urinate and crap everywhere and can be a danger to the people, particularly the children. So why are there so many of them? Why not kill them all.

In Mumbia and cities in Goa they tried just that and hopefully are continuing to do that. Then the animal rights groups steps in saying that killing these dogs will not control their population and ordered a halt to the killing.

What? What kind of BS is that? Why do these people object to getting rid of these dangerous and disease-ridden animals? They do no good. I think they objected to the way they were being killed, being shot at. Ok then how should they be killed? Poison them? Catch them (and have a chance of being bitten) and then drug them or beat them? Or electrocute them?

I don’t care how you do it, but just do it. Make me a government official and you will see it done. These stray dogs can bring tragedy to a family. Oh, I know the thought process 'Not my family, not my neighborhood'.  Do you want to take a chance of a family member or even your self getting bit by these wacko dogs?

Example… your child is playing in front of your house and here comes a stray dog and the dog bits your child, maybe bites his or her hand off. It could happen. Ok your child does not get bitten but gets ticks or fleas from being near the dog.

Example two… your family dog gets in a fight or in contact with a stray dog and gets ticks or fleas or rabies and passes that onto your family.

Need more examples?

ugly dogWhen I was in India I had a fear when taking a walk at night that a stray dog would attack me. I used to always walk with a rock in my hand. Ever see a pack of them walk your way?  These are not beautiful specimens of dogs, they are mutts and bitches, they are monsters. Why take a risk with them in the streets.

Are there stray dogs here in New Jersey?  Sure there are, but how many have you seen in the last day? or week? or month?  I can't count one.

It brings me back to my original point, that stray dogs do no good in the cities or villages or where ever in India. They only emit diseases through their presence and bodily ejections. The Indian government should continue to eliminate these beasts from society.

Some might say it’s cruel to kill them, they have a right to live and do good by eating the garbage in the streets.

Listen… they eat the garbage and emit garbage what’s the difference. They attract flies, ticks, fleas and who knows what else.  They have no purpose if you want to live in a safe and civilized society. If you want them to roam the streets then why not let tigers and cobras and other dangerous and wild animals roam the streets in India? Ha? Come on tell me why?

Family dogs … Yes.
Stray dogs … No.

Story by Satinder